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Metal Roof Coatings to Extend Lifespan & Delay Replacement

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  • Make your metal roof waterproof again and increase its lifespan
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Get Solutions for All Your Metal Roof Concerns Within Budget

Investing in a home or business requires maintenance and improvements to ensure longevity. A metal roof by itself is a great option to help protect the structural integrity of your home while at the same time saving you money due to its durability. Applying a metal roof sealant will help ensure more overall protection for the area, and here is why.

Options to Fix Your Metal Roof

It can be frustrating to find leaks or damage, and you could be considering a complete replacement, but our metal roof covering options might be better alternatives. And you can rest easy knowing The Metal Roof Company is your number one choice when it comes to applying sealants for your roof, with 5-star reviews backing up our excellence.

Good: Silicone Coating

It is not uncommon to see metal buildings with exposed roof parts, like fasteners, which can create leaking inside the building. Silicone is not only affordable, but due to its ability to bond to multiple surfaces, it makes a great option.

Silicone coating also offers UV protection and is more flexible than other choices on the market. Whether on residential or commercial, adding the metal roof coating can help add 20+ years of life to the material with its waterproofing abilities, meaning more money in your pocket.

Better: Covering (Metal Overlay)

Another coating option we have is a metal overlay. We simply install a new roof over the panel you already have. This means no paying for the removal of the old roof and less time with open exposure to your home or business. And because this is a new roof, it can last anywhere from 25-40 years!

Best: Full Replacement

This is the longest lasting choice when it comes to fixing your metal roof. We start by removing the old roof and replacing it with a hidden or new exposed fastener metal roofing system for the installation process.

Metal roofs can last up to 75 years and offer less maintenance and replacement than other popular roofing materials on the market, such as asphalt shingles.

Choose The Metal Roof Company for Expert Care & Services

It is nice knowing an alternative option that will not cost you an arm and a leg and keep your building safer from the elements. The Metal Roof Company has been in business since 2011, specializing in metal roof installation in Minnesota.

We offer five high performing roofing systems and experience with ice dam prevention, so you know you can count on us no matter what your roofing concerns may be!

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