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Are you in need of an energy-efficient and long-lasting roof for your home or commercial building? The Metal Roof Company provides Minnesota and Wisconsin home and building owners with professional roofing solutions, capable of keeping homes safe and beautiful. We offer a variety of styles to select from, including the screw design and the snap. Our team will work with you to find the style that meets your security and aesthetic needs. Schedule your estimate today by reaching out to us online or by calling 218-304-7506.

Custom Metal Roofing Styles for Your Property

Metal roofs are an excellent investment for property owners. After installation, you’ll enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and an unmatched lifespan of 40 to 70 years! Metal roofs are also extremely low maintenance, making them a hassle-free addition to any building. The Metal Roof Company is ready to help you start experiencing the benefits of a metal roof with our professional installation and repair services.

We offer several metal roofing styles for you to choose from. If you need help determining the best style for your property, our expert contractors are happy to provide you with five-star assistance!

The Screw

Keep your metal roof simple yet effective with the screw design. Crafted with light gauge panels and exposed fasteners, the screw is a high-performing option among metal roofs.

The Snap

The snap is an aesthetically enhanced metal roofing option. Unlike the screw, the snap connects its panels with hidden fasteners, providing your home with a seamless appearance.

The Seam 26/24

For our seam design, we offer two metal thickness options: 26 gauge or the premium 24 gauge. Tightly sealed and expertly installed, the seam prevents any leaks from developing.

The Shingle

If you prefer the durability of a metal roof but don’t want to lose the aesthetic appeal of wood, the shingle is the perfect metal roofing option for you.

The Stone-Coated

For complete aesthetic flexibility, choose the stone-coated metal roof. This material can replicate shake, shingle, or tile.

Ice Dam Prevention

The Metal Roof Company provides fast and effective ice dam prevention for homes with metal roofs. We’ll ensure your roof continues to operate with efficiency and reliability, no matter the weather conditions.

Our Installation Process

We follow a tried and true process to ensure that your new metal roof is securely installed and ready to protect your home. We start our process with a thorough area inspection to get an idea of the exact size and shape your home’s metal roof should be. We’ll sit down with you to understand your design and system preferences.

Next, we’ll purchase the appropriate materials directly from the supplier. We’ll then manufacture the panels, flashing, and trim in-house so that we can customize each piece to your specifications.

After manufacturing the pieces, we’ll then securely install the roof using high-end equipment and unmatched craftsmanship. Finally, we’ll conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction with your new roof.

Our installation process is designed to maximize our customers’ confidence in their new roof. As a metal roofing contractor that’s dedicated to beautiful results, we’ll always supply you with honest and thorough communication every step of the way.

Why Choose a Metal Roof For Your Property?

At The Metal Roof Company, we truly believe that metal is your best option among all roofing materials. In addition to a sleek and beautiful design, metal roofing also provides property owners with the additional benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing reflects heat from your attic space, causing your air conditioner to maintain temperatures with greater ease and efficiency.

Cold Weather Maintenance

Metal roofing performs better in northern snow and ice climates than other roofing materials. Because of its high performance, your metal roof will require less maintenance.

Weather Tightness

Metal roofing seals tighter than most other roofing systems, making them highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Some of our roofing designs can even be installed on low slope applications.

Maintenance Cost

Metal roofing has less maintenance cost over the lifespan of the product. The material is resistant to color fading and contains malleability that makes the product less brittle after years of sun exposure.


Metal roofing is among the lightest of all roofing materials on the market, making it a preferable option for your home’s foundation.

Wind, Fire, and Hail Ratings

Metal roofing performs better in these categories than most other roofing materials.


Metal roofing has a notably longer life expectancy than alternative roofing materials. You can even expect your new metal roof to last up to 70 years!

Metal Roofs Minnesota Homeowners Can Trust

Are you in need of a metal roof contractor you can count on to always provide you with quality, honest service? When you choose The Metal Roof Company, you can always expect exceptional communication and superior results. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our commitment is proven in our reviews! To get started on your metal roofing project, contact us online today, or give us a call at 218-304-7506.

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