Snow Bar

Professional Metal Roof Snow Guard Installation

The Metal Roof Company installs snow bars to help you better manage heavy snow and ice.

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Minnesota homeowners are no strangers to the complications heavy snowfall can bring during the winter. If you’re looking for a way to better control and manage the snow that collects on your roof, The Metal Roof company can assist with our snow bar installation services. Snow bars prevent accumulated snow from falling off your roof and damaging your gutters, landscape, and other surroundings. Our certified contractors will securely install your snow bars so you can feel confident in your property’s wellbeing all winter long. Get started on your service and give us a call today at 952-295-4986.

Snow Retention Solutions

While metal roofs supply homeowners with countless benefits, they can cause issues when it comes to heavy snowfall. The paint and naturally slick texture of metal roofing material often cause snow to slip off of the surface and damage your home, trees, lawn, vehicles, and shrubbery. When excessive snow falls off your roof, it can also put passersby at risk when they’re walking into and around your home. Snow bars provide a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and effective method of preventing this issue from occurring.

Snow bars are fixtures that are installed onto your metal roof in a staggered, zig-zag pattern. At The Metal Roof Company, we provide professional snow guard installation services for metal roofs in the surrounding Twin Cities and Duluth areas. Our expert roofers will securely install your snow bars so that they’re ready to withstand any amount of snowfall.

Without a properly installed snow roof retention system, heavy snow can accumulate on your roof and eventually fall off like an avalanche. Snow guards prevent this by establishing a barrier that keeps the snow on your roof long enough to safely melt from the surface. Because the snow guards will keep your gutters clear of compacted snow, they will be able to effectively guide the melted snow away from your home and landscape.

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Are you in need of snow bars for your metal roof? Contact our team of expert metal roof contractors for fast and professional snow bar installation services. We’ll help you keep your property, belongings, and family members safe this winter by installing durable snow bars on your roof.

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