The Seam 26/24

State-of-the-Art Standing Seam Metal Roofing System

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The Seam’s tight seal against harsh weather conditions makes it a dependable metal roofing option for Minnesota homeowners.

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From heavy snowfall to high winds, Minnesota homes endure a variety of extreme weather conditions. Keep your home safe and secure all year long with The Seam metal roofing system! Crafted with strong, tight sealing and tall seam heights, The Seam is one of the most reliable metal roofing systems our team installs. To start experiencing the benefits of metal seam roofing, contact The Metal Roof Company today at 218-304-7506!

Choose The Seam For Your Home

From protection against extreme weather conditions to enhanced curb appeal, standing seam metal roofing provides homeowners with a number of noteworthy advantages. At The Metal Roof Company, we’re proud to offer installation services for The Seam — a durable and beautiful metal roofing system.

The Seam comes in two different metal thicknesses: 26 gauge or the premium 24 gauge. Our installers hand-crimp the panels so that each seam is tight and secure. When installing The Seam on low slope roofs, we apply an additional sealant to maximize performance. The design’s additional seam height allows panels to be installed on a solid deck or span over open framing. With its unmatched durability and advanced design, it’s no wonder why The Seam 26/24 is quickly becoming the standard-bearer for quality in all metal roofing systems!

When you choose The Seam metal roofing system, you can enjoy a variety of noteworthy features:

  • 26/24 gauge metal
  • 1 1/2” mechanical seams
  • 16” panel width
  • Rated for slopes as low as 1/2:12
  • Striated for light refraction
  • Hidden fasteners to prevent leaking
  • Limited 40 year warranty
  • Labor warranty 30 years

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The Seam is an excellent metal roof for Minnesota homeowners who want optimal protection against weather conditions, as well as enhanced energy efficiency and beautiful curb appeal. At The Metal Roof Company, we have the tools and experience necessary to provide you with unmatched installation and repair services.

We strive to be a trusted metal roofing contractor that Minnesota homeowners can count on. Read our reviews to learn more about our commitment to exceptional results and honest communication. When you’re ready to start your service off with a free estimate, contact The Metal Roof Company online or by calling 218-304-7506.