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The warranties specified herein shall not deprive the owner of other rights the owner may have under the manufacturer’s warranty for products, and shall be in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty of their product used in project.


The Metal Roof Company shall be expressly responsible for the repair of roofing “weathertightness” for a period of five (5) years from when repair was done, and shall be limited to the repair and remedy for the roofing system itself and not any other damage caused because of a roofing deficiency.


The labor warranty on new installations shall be determined by the system installed, and shall be limited to the repair and remedy for the roofing system itself and not any other damage caused because of a roofing deficiency.

The Screw (10 Years), The Snap (20 Years), The Seam 26, The Seam 24, The Shingle, The Stone-Coated (30 Years)

This is a “workmanship warranty” where the fault is due to the installation by The Metal Roof Company. Labor and materials will be covered if the materials are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The extent to the amount of materials that will be covered at the expense of The Metal Roof Company, shall be determined by The Metal Roof Company.

  • (1): Repair or replacement shall include any leaks due to the defects in workmanship on metal flashing, panel products, and/or sealing of accessories. Leaks caused by standing water on the roof from the result of an ice dam, or acts of God are excluded.
  • (2): Upon notification of leaks or defects, The Metal Roof Company shall make an inspection of the work, and if it is found to be a defect in workmanship or the result of products (metal flashing, sealants, drip edge) used in the process of the project, then all necessary repairs shall be made at The Metal Roof Company’s expense. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to notify The Metal Roof Company in a timely fashion. If after inspection, The Metal Roof Company determines that the leaks had been leaking for an extended period of time, then The Metal Roof Company will discuss with the owner as to how he will proceed.

Nothing in this warranty shall construe liability of The Metal Roof Company for defects or failure of product as covered in separate manufacturer’s warranty, nor shall it be the responsibility of The Metal Roof Company to supply the labor for a manufacture warranty claim without compensation by either the manufacture or owner.


We at The Metal Roof Co., want to take a moment to educate you on the conditions surrounding a metal roof as it pertains to snow and ice. Metal roofs are known for their ability to accumulate snow and release it in a very sudden avalanche effect. There are different causes of this release including such things as: the heating of the metal by the sun, outdoor ambient temperature, rain, vibrations such as door swings, and an unlimited amount of other potential catalysts. Be aware that this snow can cause property damage (including gutters), and injury or possible death to people and/or animals!

The best solution to prevent this from happening is to install snow guards that are matched to the roof system installed. The Metal Roof Co. is able to provide information, materials, and/or installation of such systems. We also realize that some homeowners desire that the roof shed the snow. In these situations, we recommend extreme caution on using doors and walkways that are on the lower sides of the roof. This information has been provided to the homeowner so that they are made aware of the risks of sliding snow and ice, and the systems designed to retain it. We at The Metal Roof Co. assume no liability or risk for future incidents.